Cloud Storage Service

Nimbus  is a virtual storage model that allows you to access your information through a simple Internet connection. 

It allows you to store unlimited amounts of files of any size without affecting the operation of your servers. 

It offers total security because only authorized persons with Security Keys will have access to those directories. 

Flexibility to increase or decrease disk space and has no limits or charges for the amount of information transmitted to or from the server. 

Data and image migration service from the client’s server.


Store files of any size and in any format, including images, audio, video, and multimedia.

The customer does not need IT staff to manage the data, and no hardware or software updates are required.

 You will not have to worry about a hacking or a virus because your data will be safe in our data centers.

You will not have to worry about failures, extreme damage, or theft of your computer, because the information is protected in the Cloud.


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