The benefits of an automated, paperless office translate into productivity, efficiency, and savings.


Access information remotely, from anywhere, at any time and with any mobile device ...

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It will interconnect your company, it will radically change the way you communicate and its mobility will allow you to work remotely ...

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Aire Pyme

Version specially designed for the market of small and medium size companies, which need to control their processes.

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About Us

Founded in 1981, Grupo Archicentro is a leading organization in the development of Document Management Solutions. Through friendly, intelligent and tailored solutions, we solve your problems for the management and administration of information.

We integrate knowledge, technology, services and consultancies so that you can implement a successful document management solution and thus automate the flow of information in your organization.

Grupo Archicentro invites you to enter the future so that you can access your information and work remotely … from anywhere, at any time and with any mobile device.

We offer you a new world …



AIRE is a Cloud-oriented software specially designed for Document Management, which allows establishing the set of standards, procedures and technologies used to manage information within an organization. 

AIRE is designed to handle large volumes of data; Its internal controls make the information reliable, standardized, confidential, systematized and available to users in real time.

AIRE allows centralizing information to prevent the company from losing control over its existence. The information will no longer be only on employees’ computers … and will now be available to be shared simultaneously by all users.

Documentary Management Software

It allows the centralization, administration and electronic management of information in any type of format. Includes scanning, workflow, records management, and more.

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Document Management Software for Pymes

With all the functionalities of AIRE, but equipped with “Preloaded Solutions” for the processes of an SME: Payment Control; Invoice Control; Customer Control (CRM) and much more …


The purpose of a Document Management System is to preserve the knowledge and historical memory of the company … 

  And most of the knowledge and memory exists on paper. Therefore, to preserve it, it is essential to have a set of procedures that facilitate the correct administration of the information regardless of whether it is on paper or in digital format. 

To do this, we have designed a portfolio of complementary services aimed at taking care of your information throughout its life cycle.

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Flie Scanning

It allows you to convert your paper documents to a digital format to have a complete file in images.
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File Organizing

You will have a reliable archive in which you will always find the document you need.
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Records Management

We offer you the storage and custody of archives in specially equipped warehouses.
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Cloud storage

It allows you to store your information in the Cloud and access it through an Internet connection.



Caribbean Region:

Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Venezuela.

Central America Region:

Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama.

Andean Region:

Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

Southern Cone Region:

Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Corporate office GA Technologies Inc.

USA, Mexico and Spain

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