Aire Scav

It is a Cloud-oriented software specially designed for Document Management, which allows:

Establish the set of standards, procedures and technologies that are used to manage the information.

Create, capture, organize, track, distribute and store all the digital content of the company.

It is designed to handle large volumes; its controls allow the information to be reliable, standardized, confidential, systematized and available to all users in real time.

Working remotely because it offers mobility; you can access the information remotely, from anywhere, at any time and with any mobile device …

Centralize information to prevent the company from losing control over its existence; the information will always be available to be shared by all users simultaneously.

It is a friendly system that is highly adaptable to customer needs through design and configuration options.

It will interconnect your company, radically change the way you communicate, and the way you work will never be the same …
It offers you multiple applications that will facilitate the administration of your information. Some of them are the following:



It allows you to graphically design multiple tables (Catalogs) to store the metadata of your Documents.


Document Scanning

The system includes a complete tool for scanning and OCR options with capture areas for automatic filling of Catalogs.


Work Flow

Workflow design has never been easier… Model your processes graphically without Programming.


Retention Tables

Adjusted to the laws of the countries of the region, the system has a configurable tool to control the validity times of the Documents.


Online Storage

It allows you to take control of the warehouses of archive storage. You can control the entry and exit of units, portable barcode reading devices, requests and dispatches, make labels with barcodes … and much more.

almacenamiento online

Aire Scav

It’s not simply that however…

In addition, the software offers you other applications. It is like designing forms to suit you; Smart Stations in your workflows, e-mail management, user profiles, electronic signatures, and OCR that will make your job a lot easier.fácil.


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