AIRE Small Business

AIRE, the product that offers Document management solutions, has decided to reinvent itself and has created a version specially designed for the small and medium-business market called… AIRE SMALL BUSINESS.

Generally, small companies have the impression that a document management System is out of reach due to the costs involved … but that is not always true.

That’s the reason why AIRE SMALL BUSINESS is the answer to the needs of small businesses, because it not only offers you all AIRE applications … but much more.

AIRE Small Business and its Applications

It has all the functionalities of AIRE, but it is equipped with ready-to-go, pre-loaded solutions, which have been specially designed for small and medium-sized companies.

 Some of these PRELOADED SOLUTIONS are as follows:

Payment control

  • See invoices on your screen.
  • Identify in which station of the Payment Process you are.
  • Identify delays, responsible parties, and any information with a single click.


Invoice Control

  • Start a billing process from your smartphone.
  • Verify the preparation, delivery and even payment of the invoice.
  • Verify in real time the collection of your invoices.



Client Relationship Management (CRM)

Do you want to know how your team serve your customers?

How long does it take from the time they call until they are seen?

Do you want to listen to the recording of the phone call, see the Chat with the client, check the emails exchanged?

Human Resources Management

The most common processes in Personnel Administration will be automated and verifiable from anywhere:

  • Contracting
  • Layoffs
  • Holidays

Email Administration

Tired of not finding emails?

AIRE allows you to save your emails, query for multiple terms, even establish rules to automatically load them and start workflows.

Automatic notification of expiration of documents and delay in their process

AIRE It will be your Virtual Assistant, alerting you directly on your smartphone whenever a document loses validity and each time a process is delayed.


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