About Grupo Archicentro

We are a company with more than 38 years of experience in the industry, dedicated to the development of solutions that allow the use and management of information in electronic form, automated, and state-of-the-art technology.

 Our area of ​​specialization is the creation of Document Management Solutions and for this we have experts in the field who design them regardless of the economic sector to which your company belongs; our specialists have experience in almost all of them and will present you with innovative alternatives to solve your problem.

 Grupo Archicentro has found the solution to the problems of information management around the concept “The World of the Paperless Office”. This refers to a comprehensive solution that allows the centralization of information to flow digitally, automated and in real time within the company, avoiding …

 … That the information ends up stored in the private files of the employees, in their emails, or on the hardrives of their computers.

 … Although the information exists, the one who needs it, does not know that it exists.

 … That the information that should reach users does not stop arriving.

 … Or that the information is simply improperly archived, misplaced, and lost.

Our experts know what is the solution for your company

 AIRE… Cloud-oriented software that will allow you to centralize, manage and access information from anywhere and at any time to be able to work with it.

AIRE SMALL BUSINESS is the version that owns all AIRE applications, but which includes “Preloaded Solutions” designed for small and medium-sized businesses, such as Payment Control; Invoice Control; Customer Control (CRM) and many more …

OKAVANGO the file organizing service that will allow you to have a clean, organized file and an automated inventory for its management and control.

TORRENTE the document scanning service that allows you to quickly locate documents from the comfort of your computer.

ROBLE the record management service that will keep your documents in specially equipped premises.

NIMBUS the cloud storage service that allows you to store unlimited amounts of information

A document management solution is quick, simple and secure

Our document management system allows you to control the information cycle in all its stages. The solution is made up of a cycle of six key processes:

File organization and selection of documents to scan.

Massive scanning of documents.

Software for document management.

Cloud storage.

Records management of physical documents.

New documents entering.

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