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We are a leading company in Document Management that offers you an Integral Solution for the management of your information.


Roble is the service that guarantees that your documents are organized, clean and under strict control of storage and security. It also offers the “Digital Storage and Vital Records Service” for the protection of the information stored in technological supports.

  • Premises and shelves specially conditioned to guarantee the integrity of the boxes.
  • Maximum security because the consultation and the entry or exit of information is done only through the “Registry of Authorized Signatures”.
  • Strict confidentiality policy on the identity of our clients.
  • Delivery of an AIR License and the Inventory Database of the file installed in AIRE.
  • Custom solutions:
    ○ Storage and Administration in our premises.

    ○ Administration of the files in the client’s premises.

    ○ Conditioning of the client’s premises, organization of the file and administration of the same.



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